Two investors take over Elsfleth shipyard area

The Kloska Group, a family owned business from Bremen, and the TT Bau Group, based in Rastede, will take over the Elsfleth shipyard area on July 1st 2021.

Negotiations with the Elsfleth shipyard and its administrator were successful and led to an agreement on the purchase of the 95,000m² site on the Unterweser in Elsfleth, including all technical facilities.. Also thanks to the support of the Lürssen Group a mutual successful settlement was reached in a relatively short time frame.

Foundation of Neue Elsflether Werft GmbH

The contracts have already been signed. The takeover is scheduled for 01.07.2021. The future management of the site will be carried out by the newly founded Neue Elsflether Werft GmbH. Both Nadine Kloska and Torsten Thümler will act as Managing Director.



The site will be used by both investors for future expansion. The future service portfolio will include repairs and  services in the industrial and shipping sectors.. Kloska and TT Bau plan to further establish several companies on the extensive site and  create additional new job opportunities. There are also plans to rent out open space and storage areas as well as office space for commercial purposes.

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