Digital Services

Digitalization is the future

This is why we offer a range of services specially tailored to your requirements, from customer-specific shop solutions, individual interface connections, e-procurement systems, full supply concepts, intelligent dispensing machines to agile warehouse concepts.

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Kloska Webshop

Online procurement simple + fast + modern

With the Kloska Shop we offer you a modern online shop specially tailored to the needs of our customers, whether industry or shipping.

With your personal login data you get direct access to the whole Kloska Group assortment or to a catalogue especially created for you with articles of your choice and your agreed prices.

Numerous functionalities from favourites lists, order lists, individual catalogue views up to special orders and article enquiries, you can save more resources, optimise processes and create transparency in your procurement without media discontinuity.

Via the purchaser cockpit you can create additional purchasers, assign cost centres, rights, releases and also budgets.

The statistics functions also contribute to effective purchasing analysis and cost control.    

The Kloska Shop is the direct line to us – simple, fast and modern.  

Feel free to contact us or request your personal access data today, free of charge and without obligation. Our digital services team is looking forward to meeting you.

Kloska E-Business

Process exchange - simple and safe

In times of digital transformation and purchasing 4.0, business processes are also more and more adapted to this change of time.

Together with you we create digital bridges by means of electronic data exchange, e.g. via EDI – Electronic Data Interchange.

Nowadays, the digitalisation and data exchange between two business partners could not be easier or more secure.

Our e-business service can convert, receive and also resend any data format for B2B communication.

Your advantage: scalable and platform independent solutions in the sign of the times.

Kloska e-catalogue

Electronic catalogues in flexible formats

From our central database, we can provide our customers with electronic catalogues quickly and conveniently.

Whether for your marketplaces, where you are connected, or your internal purchasing portals, electronic catalogues can be provided and adapted in a wide variety of formats depending on the requirements of the target platform.

And should a print catalogue be necessary, classically speaking, these can also be made available to your employees simply and efficiently – to increase internal communication.

Kloska OCI

"Punch-out" procurement channel

You want to connect our Kloska Shop to your ERP system and use the classic punch-out function? No problem.

Due to the open and standardised catalogue data interface OCI (Open Catalog Interface), the integration into your ERP is possible without any problems.

The content of the shopping cart in the online shop is then transferred directly to your ERP system via the OCI interface. Your preset authorization and approval workflow then takes effect within the ERP system and orders can be triggered in a process-optimized manner.

Your advantages:

  • No own article data maintenance
  • Simplified purchasing process without media disruption
  • Connection to SAP, Ariba, CommerceOne and others
  • Direct access to your agreed prices and articles
  •  The order process from your ERP system is carried out as usual

Kloska MDE

Paperless recording aid

With our innovative scanner software, you can reorder your stock items quickly and easily.

After scanning these items and connecting the mobile scanner via the charging station to a PC, all scanned items are transferred to the shopping cart in just a few seconds.

There the order can be adjusted if desired and confirmed by a click.

Using the favorites function, you can quickly find all other articles that are relevant to you and transfer them immediately to the shopping cart.

The mobile data entry is still the easiest and fastest paperless data entry tool in re-procurement: scan, transfer, further process.

Kloska full service

Commitment creates freedom

Whether C-parts management, procurement logistics, production stores, logistics concepts “the last mile” or service and service offers of a special kind, with the full supply concepts of the Kloska Group you always have the right partner at your side.

Because for a supply chain to really work, neither fax orders nor a pure artificial intelligence is needed. It needs agile suppliers who can fully think their way into the processes of the customers without thinking only about their own ego.

Every system therefore needs good coordination and optimal analysis with added value.

The individually tailored concepts range from the optimal recording of requirements, transparent procurement processes, reduction of procurement costs, adequate supply to efficient invoicing, thanks to supplier consolidation.

Through intelligent and modular output systems, all relevant raw, auxiliary and operating materials can be displayed in a smooth procurement process.

MRO articles for maintenance, repair and the necessary operation are mapped and made available via a spare parts and tool management system with minimal risk.

For a trouble-free process flow in your company, safety-relevant services are also offered, such as testing, maintenance and administration of all operating equipment subject to testing.

Thus, the Kloska Group offers its customers an extensive spectrum in the field of full supply, through trade, services, logistics or digital services.

Qualified specialist personnel offers, also on site, expert advice on pragmatic and agile supply concepts for future-oriented procurement and material provision.

Decades of experience and customers from the most diverse sectors, from industry to shipping, have created the basis for these services and performances.

Kloska storage systems

Material supply A-Z

Functional storage systems are more than just an investment in plant equipment and transport devices.

The conceptual design of storage systems and material supply with a holistic view of the process from purchasing, through warehouse management, to provision at the production site, is the basic prerequisite for an agile material supply and increased productivity.

Notification of requirements, availability and processing are building blocks within inventory management.

Possible supply modules: “Everything can, nothing must”

  • External stock management
  • Container systems
  • Production stores
  • (E)-KANBAN
  • Outsourcing
  • Consignment stock

For us, the Smart Factory of the future is not just a concept of modern times, but a philosophy with an understanding of responsibility, trust and reliability.

Kloska Magazine software

Warehouse management made easy

All stocks and storage locations are managed with the magazine software. The purchasing department can access this data at any time.

All processes are recorded with a scanner system. The documentation of the stock flow and the orders are therefore automatic.

  • Organization of existing magazines
  • Controlled material output
  • Electronic room lock
  • Integration of existing cabinets and shelves
  • Decentralised management
  • Automatic ordering

Kloska Toolmanagement

Inventory management 24/7

Intelligent inventory management from the world market leader. With our partner SupplyPoint, we offer modular dispensers based on powerful software for operation in a local network or over the Internet via cloud platform.

You too can shorten the running and waiting times of your employees and create more productivity.

Apart from consumption savings, depending on the requirements, between 25%-40%, simplify the decentralized material supply directly at the production site with automatic dispensers for your consumables and consumer goods of the current production.

Increasing globalization, Industry 4.0 and its digitalization, as well as the Internet of Things (IoT), require the manufacturing industry to increasingly focus on the entire (internal) supply chain.

There are many strategic approaches in this respect and there is no doubt that individually configurable dispensers with their many drawers and compartments of different sizes are among the most successful.

Reduce your costs for procurement and inventory management through tool management 24/7, thanks to sophisticated software, drawer, carousel or locker systems with cloud-based solutions.


In only 8 steps to more productivity and transparency:

    1. Decentralized inventory management
    2. Innovative data management
    3. Integrated ordering system
    4. ERP connection (on demand)
    5. Multilingualism
    6. Article selection & filter
    7. Output & Control
    8. Reporting system

Kloska labeling

Great possibilities with a small chip

From barcodes to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), the marking and management of equipment subject to testing is not possible without recognition.

Work equipment and its safety must be guaranteed throughout its entire service life by the German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV). Regular inspection is therefore an essential prerequisite for safe operation – in normal use – of this work equipment.

This necessary identification can also be carried out subsequently by means of appropriate labels, stickers or tags.

The aim is to clearly mark the equipment to be tested so that it can be identified during the repeat tests, as this is the only way to ensure 100% safety and management of the work equipment.

We are happy to support you in this context with our experience and knowledge of the product portfolio from work clothing to lashing straps.

Kloska testing software

The recurrent testing is not a necessary evil, but serves solely for safety according to the BetrSichV with the aim of avoiding accidents and thus maintaining the health of the employees.

However, the planning and administration of UVV inspections usually involves a great deal of effort.

Together with our service provider, we can offer our customers a test and maintenance management system, where software-supported test processes reduce and simplify the time required by a multiple.

In addition to the tamper-proof archiving of the test documents, stored operating and test instructions, parts lists, user videos, risk assessments or hazard assessments can also be accessed by authorised users at any time and within seconds.

Various filters and selection options, such as product groups, plants and departments, facilitate handling within the test database. Test planning, intervals and due dates can be called up with just a few clicks.

With the import and export functions, lists can be generated quickly and easily and an adoption to existing ERP systems can be mapped without much effort.

The Kloska testing software can be used independent of product and manufacturer. A subsequent administration via RFID transponder is possible at any time, as well as data and documentation maintenance down to workshop level.

Service-oriented & secure

Convince yourself of our expert advice with the best safety promise for our extensive product range and our efficient logistics concept.

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