Consumable Catering
& Provisions Catering​

Consumable Catering
& Provisions Catering​

Our catering catalogue with more than 6.500 standardized items is the key to perform effi­cient between vessel, purchase, caterer and our worldwide supplier network. We support our partner with digital data as well as hard-copy catalogues.

Our special designed catering software ensu­res the safe and efficient supply of consumer products at contracted budgets. Your adminis­tration expense will be reduced considerably as a result. Our online-dashboard supports you with relevant information’s about all our sup­plies. Together with our detailed reporting we are ensuring a transparent cooperation with you.

Supplies can be covered at all important ports via own Kloska facilities, Kloska Partner or strong supplier Network.



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Kloska Maritime Stores Catering:

  • Individualized catalog and reduced stores consumable item list for all parties
  • Worldwide on-schedule deliveries to assist operations on board
  • Mutual item and service standard via Kloska Network
  • Our strong supply chain ensures intensives cost reductions

The Kloska-Group takes care of the daily provisions supply for over 900 vessels worldwide as sustainable caterer with IT support system. The experience of our well trained personnel and a huge network of relia­ble partners and Kloska-owned facilities around the world is the base for a close connected and profes­sional management of provisions catering.

The in-house developed catering software gives the possibility to monitor and control the budget of each vessel allowing the catering team to focus on the quality of the provisions and suppliers overseas. This leads to an improvement of the catering operation and budgets on board.


Advantages for the customer:

  • all provisions orders to be managed/arranged by the catering department
  • budget monitoring and control of volumes
  • reducing administrative workload
  • detailed reporting and statistics

For the calculation and planning of a provisions order many factors have to be considered, such as type of ves­sel, trading area and the nationalities of the crew on board. By giving access to our on-line platform our clients are able to monitor all operative activities including budget situation of the fleet and each vessel.


With Kloska you are always well supplied.

Service-oriented & secure

Convince yourself of our expert advice with the best safety promise for our extensive product range and our efficient logistics concept.

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