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Ship Spare Parts

Competence center for ship spare parts

On September 1, 2013 the Kloska Group offers a new competent service under the roof of Kloska Technical Marine Sales GmbH. A team of experts has specific responsibility for spare parts for ship engines, governor technology, pump technology and maritime environment protection systems.
Kloska Technical
Marine Sales GmbH

Ship Spare Parts :
Marlowring 24
22525 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 219060-0
Fax     +49 40 219060-20


Governor Service :
Phone +49 40 219060-0
Fax     +49 40 219060-20

Service portfolio

Our company Kloska Technical Marine Sales GmbH in Hamburg is your specialist for analog and digital governor technology.
The Kloska Group is a worldwide recognized service partner in the shipping industry with 30 years of experience – especially in the field of spare parts for 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines as well as all kind of auxiliary engines on deck and below.
The Kloska Group offers you an extensive range of services in the field of ship and industrial repairs.
As a general supplier, we offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of shipping, which is recognised and in demand worldwide.

Ship & Industrial Repair

Kloska Technical Marine Sales GmbH · Bremerhaven

The Kloska Technical Marine Sales GmbH, Bremerhaven location has a 1200 sqm hall with direct water connection and a surrounding repair pier of approx. 200 m length.

The hall is equipped with a 10 t and a 3.2 t crane as well as modern machines for steel machining and processing, so that the production, processing and handling of even large components is no problem. Among other things, a CNC flame cutting machine for sheet metal formats of 2000 x 4000 cm is available. With this, sheets up to 100 mm thick can be cut.

Our team of experienced welders, fitters and technicians guarantees a comprehensive and reliable service at all times.

Thanks to our excellent network, we can solve even complicated problems within the shortest possible time, with the best possible results.


Service portfolio

  • New construction as well as repair of steel structures (manufacturing, transport (handling and assembly from one source)
  • Welding work (steel, aluminium, stainless steel and CuNiFe)
  • Pipeline construction and repair
  • Ship repairs (steel construction, pipeline construction, winch repair, anchor and chain service, gangway repair, tank cleaning)
  • Hydraulic Service / Pneumatic Repair
  • Assembly service / Disassembly service
  • Gas free measurements / free measurement of containers and narrow spaces according to DGUV principle 313-002 /BGG/GUV-G 970
  • UVV crane test according to DGUV V52 (BGV D6)
  • UVV door tests according to BGR 232 (ASR A1,7)
Kloska Technical
Marine Sales GmbH
Ship & Industrial Repair
Herwigstraße 49
27572 Bremerhaven
Phone +49 471 93220-221
Fax     +49 471 93220-229

Competence center for services in the
sector of catering

The Kloska Technical Marine Sales GmbH provides services in the field of catering for Basté & Lange GmbH and Schiffsversorgung Rostock GmbH.

Service portfolio

Kloska Technical
Marine Sales GmbH
Am Genter Ufer 4a
21129 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 781109-444
Fax     +49 40 781109-490

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