Supplier and service partner for shipping and shipyards, on-/offshore, industry, handicraft and construction industry



In 1981 the company Uwe Kloska GmbH was founded as a technical supplier in Bremen. Today it is still the group’s headquarter. Over recent years other companies joined the group, each completing the service portfolio in a different way.

Our team of experienced experts in all relevant areas is familiar with working customer-orientated and serving our clients continuously over long periods of time. We make use of our flexibility and creativity in order to meet all the frequently changing demands of the market.

Hand in hand with our employees we intend to use the success of the recent years to lead the group of companies into a continuing economically healthy future. In that way we want to take advantage of the opportunity to be a reliable partner for our customers and to work on the improvement of our performance.


Uwe and Nadine Kloska