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Technical supplier

The Uwe Kloska GmbH in Bremen is the parent company from which the Kloska Group was founded in 1981. The company is specialized in technical marine and industrial equipment as well as industrial safety products. In our own manufacturing facilities  we assemble, test and certify high pressure hoses, seals and slings.

The needs of customers in the maritime industry, construction industry, handicraft, on and offshore- projects and all types of industrial companies are satisfied by a diverse product range.



Sail Makin & Rigging

The sailmaking and rigging unit is a strong and flexible craft enterprise. A coordinated team around the experienced master sailmaker provides competent advice. Measurement and assembly also on site.

Here we also manufacture boat covers, sprayhoods, yacht sails and sun protection equipment ourselves.
The product range also includes ropes, wire ropes, yacht and boat accessories as well as technical finishing.


Riedemannstraße 30
27572 Bremerhaven
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Segelmacherei und Taklerei
Herwigstr. 49
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Neufelder Straße 72
27472 Cuxhaven
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Service portfolio

Our expert consultants are always available to help you analyze the optimal system for your operation.
We offer a comprehensive range of chemical-technical products designed for use in industry, trade and commerce.
With the acquisition of the largest KÄRCHER authorized dealer for industrial needs in Bremen, we bring house and home to a high gloss with our product range.
In our own workshops we assemble hoses for almost every industrial application and offer our customers complete lines, if desired with pressure test and necessary test certificates.
In the workshops of the Kloska Group we assemble hydraulic hose lines for almost every application.
In the workshops of the Kloska Group, high-quality slings are produced and assembled at short notice according to individual specifications.
We offer a wide range of high-quality mooring ropes, ropes and special wire ropes.
We have tailored our product range specifically to the needs of manufacturers, suppliers and service companies in the wind power industry.
As full-line distributor in the field of tools we offer a wide selection of brand tools from renowned manufacturers.
Our sail maker master is familiar with the matter and knows what is important in sailing and professional shipping. Whether in producing of sails or rigging- we want to ensure a maximum of security and quality.
With the takeover of MK-MARINE GmbH we have expanded our business in the area of sales and maintenance of distress and rescue equipment for maritime, inland and sports shipping.
A safe sealing of machines and plants is always a special challenge. The sealing technology product range of the Kloska Group is oriented towards the requirements of the latest technologies.
For many years, the Kloska Group has been successfully supplying the maritime industry with special wire ropes made by verope AG. The hoisting and adjusting ropes for shipboard cranes are stored in Bremen, Singapore, Shanghai and Houston.
As a general supplier, we offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of shipping, which is recognised and in demand worldwide.
From tool cases to anti-slip mats, we can supply everything you need for your business equipment.
As a full-line distributor we offer a comprehensive product range in the field of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In our own manufacturing facilities we produce welding and heat protection items according to your individual needs.

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