Sail Making, Rigging
& Boat Equipment

Sail Making, Rigging & Boat Equipment

Our sail maker master is familiar with the matter and knows what is important in sailing and professional shipping. Whether in producing of sails or rigging- we want to ensure a maximum of security and quality.

Boat covers, spray hoods, sails for yachts or sun protection devices – in our sail making and rigging factory everything is still handmade.

Customized protection tarpaulins, also for separators in warehouses, are a reasonable, flexible and easy-care solution from our production. Consultation, measurement and installation are carried out on site, if requested. 

  • Boat covers
  • Spray hoods
  • Sun protection devices
  • Lashings and moorings
  • Wire ropes
  • Yacht and boat accessories
  • Special editions
  • Trailer covers



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We cannot direct the wind.
But we can adjust the sails.

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