Quality management

001.1 Quality and Environmental Protection Policy

The success of the Kloska Group's companies has been closely connected with the provided quality of the products and services since the foundation of the parent company in 1981. The maximum achievable reliability of supply and a highly developed service portfolio, which is focused on the customer requirements, should be designed and secured with the help of an efficient Quality and Environmental Management.

The essentially qualitative feature of the Group is the "punctual and full realization of the agreed customer requirements", taking into account the relevant environmental aspects. By accepting this challenge and folllowing it in the daily work procedures we offer our customers a maximum delivery capacity, an attractive service portfolio and an interesting range of products of reliable high quality.

After a careful examination the main activites of the company include the following basic environmental impacts:

  • Impact on the air quality due to extensive transport activities
  • Generation of waste due to packaging and outer packaging
  • Generation of waste due to packing and repairs

In summary, the company has the fundamental aim to keep these impacts as low as possible, even if they are necessary within the scope of services. Moreover, specific environmental issues are analyzed and targets and programs to improve the Environmental Protection Management are formulated by the management. In this context, the company agrees to comply with all applicable environmental requirements.

The management is responsible for the Quality and Environmental Management of the Group and the individual business lines. With the help of an efficient Management the positive commitment of the staff should be used to secure the gained market position and, if possible, to expand it continuously.

These objectives are achieved with qualified, dedicated and entrepreneurial-minded employees. As an entrepreneur I feel obliged to enhance the high motivation of my staff in order to improve our performances and results permanently.

Against this background we constantly have to implement the Quality and Environmental Management at all levels in our daily actions on the following principles:

  • Prior to the correction of errors is the avoidance of them;
  • Accidents with environmental influences are not a harmless crime and should be regarded as a serious deviation;
  • The recognition of a deviation in Quality or Environmental Management obligates to eliminate it, errors have to be avoided sustainably;
  • We should learn from our mistakes and this knowledge has to be communicated;
  • The employees work according to qualified instructions and methods;
  • The skills to carry out the tasks are assured with the help of training;
  • It is absolutely essential that the qualification of the companies to be certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 / 14001 is maintained as an important factor for the security of our competitiveness.

All persons of the company or persons who work on our behalf are informed about the content of this Q&U-Politics and are motivated to follow it strictly. In order to realize this important part of the company strategy it is necessary to have the unconditional support of all employees - from the warehouse worker, driver, clerk and all kinds of management levels to the managers and owner.

With the help of regular management reviews, audits and meetings the management of the Group ensures that this policy is a part of the daily work of the companies' staff.

Based on this frequent re-examination of the system, quality and environmental aspects are controlled in order to gain a continuous improvement.

Uwe Kloska