Sealing technology & technical plastics

A secure sealing of machines and equipment is always a special challenge. The Kloska Group’s range of products in the field of sealing technology is focused on the demands of the latest technologies.

We meet the highest requirements in the production of seals, in the elastomer and foam industry as well as in the plastics technology. We offer an entire service package with high quality and innovative solutions. Special designs are made by us according to specific customer requirements.



Due to the high demands which are made on the safety of sealing compounds and the currently valid requests for highest leak-tightness it is necessary to have the appropriate know-how in choosing and installing the right seals.

There are whole series of demands which are made on flat gasket materials as well as the entire flange coupling to provide a reliable sealing compound.


· Adaption to the irregularities of the sealing surface
· Resistance against the medium to be sealed
· Strength of the sealing compound
· Leak-tightness
· The maximum allowable surface pressure
· Required gasket thickness
· Use in the low temperature range


Conventional qualities

· Rubber-bounded aramid fiber
· Graphite
· Rubber

Conventional processing methods

· Cutting
· Milling
· Punching
· Plotting
· Water jets



Plastic products are used in various industrial sectors. For example, they are found in the food industry as cutting boards, as storage boxes for chemical media or process boxes in the chemical apparatus and tank construction, as ventilation systems in the semiconductor and clean-room technology or as sliding and conveying component in the packing and beverage industry, as large-volume insulation components in the transformer or generator construction or as a storage tank supporting the transport of liquefied gases.



Common qualities

· Polyethylene (PE)
· Polycarbonate (PC)
· Acrylic glass
· Polyurethane (PUR)
· Polyamide (PA)
· Polyoxymethylene (POM)


Conventional processing methods

· Cutting
· Milling
· Plotting


Elastomer and foam technology

Elastomer and foam products are used in almost all sectors of daily life, for example in the automotive industry, appliance industry, shipbuilding, tank and container construction as well as in the machine and plant construction. They are mainly used for sealing, insulating and protecting.



Common qualities

· Viton
· Silicon
· Flexible polyurethane foam
· PE foam
· Accoustic insulation foam
· Melamine resin foam


Conventional processing methods



With help of our own manufacturing facilities we can assure our customers just-in-time deliveries for many commercial sealing materials. This has proved itself especially in case of shutdowns and overhauls.

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Sealing technology & technical plastics:

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Sealing technology

Graphite seals
Fiber seals
Elastomer seals
Flange seals
Plastic seals
Grooved metal gasket
Seals made of cellular materials
Sealing tapes and profiles
Thermoplastics and thermosets
O-rings and moldings
Frame seals
Standard seals
Sealing strips
Special seals
Hatch seals
Manhole seals
Spiral wound gaskets

Elastomer and foam technology

Para rubber


Cell polyurethane

Foam rubber


Polyethylene foam


Cellular rubber

Acoustic foam and silicone

PUR-flexible foam


Profiles and strips of solid and foamed materials

Asphaltic material


Impact protection

Insulating boards


Container applications

Funnel lining

Draw rolls

Distance pieces

Foam inserts

Plastics technology

Polyethylene (PE)
Polyamide (PA)
Polyacetal (POM)
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Polycarbonate (PC)
Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Hard tissue (HGW) / paper (HP)
Acrylic glass (PMMA)



Precision parts


Guide rollers


Chain guides

Slide bars

Trumpet inlets