Conveyor belt technology & vulcanization

We can rely on years of experience in the field of conveyor belt technology and vulcanization. This turns us into a competent contact person, especially in the case of individual problem solutions.

For customized solutions in the conveyor technology we offer a comprehensive and professional service:

  • Qualified advice for individual problem solutions
  • Reliable assembly and repair service around the clock
  • Production in our own facilities according to individual specifications
  • Short delivery times due to large stocks

  For further information please have a look at the conveyor belt technology catalogue.   

Rubber conveyor belts


TRANS-CONTI conveyor belts
CONTI-FLEX textile-conveyor belts
CONTI-TECH Pro-Protect
UKTA-TRANS steep conveyor belts
Corrugated sidewall belts
Vertical conveyor belt
Elevator belts
Supergrip and RO-PLY
Wire rope-conveyor belts

Plastic conveyor belts


Process and conveyor belts
Endless woven belts
Anti-microbial belts
Belt’s profiles
Connection types
Taper gibs and conveyor edge protection
Corrugated sidewalls / PU conveyor belts

BEHAbelt transport belts


BEHAbelt tools
BEHAbelt tools
Friction welding machine
Hot press
Overlapping welding tool
Guiding clamp
Table mountings
Side-cutting pliers

Fabric conveyor belts

Glass fabric with PTFE coating
Aramid and glass-aramid blended fabric
with PTFE coating
Mesh and spiral belts made of synthetic fibers

Wire mesh belts


Flat wire link belts
Round wire link belts
Rod network belts
Wire eye belts
Multiple spiral belts

Module belts / Flat belts

Timing belts

High duty flat belts

{Plastics technology and moldings}

Waer protection

Lateral guides, conveyor control systems

wiper systems

Brushes & damping elements

Collarsand seals


Plant construction, conveyor and drums

Contact person
Conveyor belt technology & vulcanization:                               

Herwig Witte
Office  +49 (0) 421 - 64924-20
Mobile  +49 (0) 173 - 2146212
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