Every system needs a good adjustment. Our consultants are at your disposal for the analysis of the optimal system for your company.

Especially the procurement of so-called "C-Parts" causes a lot of administrative effort, which is not proportional to the gained benefit.
Originated from the ABC-Analysis, the C-Parts are characterized by a high procurement effort compared to a low procurement value.

Definition C-Parts

Value/costs estimation:
20% of the purchasing volume causes
80% of the procurement costs or
the processing costs are disproportionally
high in relation to the purchasing price.

Risk approach:

Minor intern and extern risk
(risk in production processes,
procurement and provision risk)

c teilekostenansatz

These disproportionally high processing costs are characterized by:
· Many suppliers and providers
· Many small orders
· Usually low prices
· Many different customers
· High order effort
· High percentage of the total order range


Our business activites in this sector range from concepts for optimal requirement analysis and adequate delivery to efficient billing.

Apart from the known approaches as:

  • Multishop (On-/offline)
  • eProcurement-solutions with individual customer catalog creation
  • Scanning solutions

we also offer supply concepts, as for example


Control of the material flow by kanban boxes. The articles are taken from the boxes as needed. The extraction is documented by a kanban card or a scanning solution and is used for reordering. Even a two-boxes solution is possible, in this case one box can be found in the production and second one in a fill-in storage or at our premises.

 c teile kanban engl



A material dispensing system via drawers and lockers or spiral and transer machines, co-developed by our partner EDE. A fully functional enterprise research planning system is connected which can be combined with your or our enterprise research planning system, if required.



Production store

Provision of basic consumer produchts in direct contact to the user. The collection is made from a "Handlager". In this way the procurement periods are reduced by the employees and the productivity is increased. The replenishment of this store can be effected by your staff, but also by us.

c teile_lager


Container systems

For construction sites we can provide containers equipped with consumable articles. The content is determined with you. Consumption can be charged on return. The cleaning and filling can be done by us.

material container 

Consignment stock

We provide you the products you need at your production locations. The storage place is provided by you, the equipment and materials by us. Billing is effected after removal. The filling is done by us.



Apart from a consignment stock for the articles we also offer staff for the issuing. This eliminates warehousing, issuing and labor costs for you. The issuing of the articles can be distributed on cost centers, so that the billing is directly divided onto cost centers and units. Moreover, one of our tasks is the monitoring of expiry dates and quality. An optimization of the stock is a matter of course.

These services are supported by our distinctive service portfolio on site. In order to complete the supply concepts for our customers we have:

  • Own production facilites for hydraulic, lifting technology, conveyor belts, gaskets, sails and tarpaulins, nets for fishing and industry.
  • Mobile test units for lifting technology and PPE protecting from falling.
  • A high effort to ensure a short-term procurement of special items worldwide.


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