Employees donate to charitable institutions in Bremerhaven

The money was collected by the employees of the Kloska Group during the internal Christmas party and then rounded up by Nadine and Uwe Kloska, managing directors of the Kloska Group.  

The Hospizmodell - Bremerhaven e.V. - HOMBRE - organises, among other things, mourning groups for children. "We give children from the age of six and young people the opportunity to find their individual way of mourning in a group," explains Doris Steinkamp, one of the hospice's coordinators. The donation will flow into the work of the mourning groups.

The plans for the new animal shelter in Bremerhaven are in full swing. "In this connection the money is to be used for the acquisition of play devices for the animals , so Amelie Bensch, 1. chairman animal protection Bremerhaven registered association. 

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