Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Kloska Group counts on Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Taking responsibility is our motto

All companies of the Kloska Group follow the four leading principles "Society, Environment, Employees and Economics“.


We carry a responsibility for the society. An important aspect in the selection of our activities is a strong distinctive relation to the support of social projects. It is also important to us to have our employees involved in the different events. Recently a team of the Kloska Group supported the initiative of the newspaper Abendblatt "Kinder helfen Kindern" at the HSH Nordbank Run. The raised amount was donated to the youth sports project "...und los! Kids in die Club", which offers children and youngsters from a financially weaker background the membership in a sports club. To have been involved yourself helps to motivate and sharpen the view for the surroundings.

Apart from supporting local projects and initiatives the focus is on the sponsoring of sports events and youth associations. Whether handball, soccer, boxing or horse riding clubs - we sponsor with pleasure.

As a general ship chandler we especially devote ourselves to the supply of maritime training vessels. For instance, we support the "Schulschiff Deutschland" (Training Ship Germany) as a sponsor.

We support a multitude of social facilities. In the Seemannsheim Bremen of the Bremer Seemannsmission e.V., for example, we sponsored a room. This facility was named after Mr. Kloska. The Seemannsheim is the home and contact point for older German sailors and nautical people, who go ashore for a short time in order to attend seminars and/or official appointments.

Support of the victims of natural disasters. After the tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004 our group supported an aid project for children in need in Thailand.

As a ship chandler it is self-understood that we also support the Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger.


An important aspect regarding the choice of our activities is a responsible environmental management. All companies of the Kloska Group are certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 is focused on a continuous improvement process as a means of achieving the respective defined target with regard to the environmental performance of an institution. The logistics of our trucks is designed to ensure that our fleet is used optimally and that unnecessary tours are avoided. Moreover, when selecting our vehicles we put emphasis on exhaust emissions, fuel consumption etc. All of our vehicles are marked with a green environmental badge.


The Kloska Group carries responsibility for its employees. In the company guidelines for Quality and Environmental Management we have put our emphasis on the permanent education of our staff. The education of the next generation is also essential for us. At present we have 64 apprentices in our different companies, thus making up for more than 10% of our total staff.

In order to support our employees, increase motivation and raise the team spirit across the group we organize events for employees to take part in and where they have the chance to get to know each other more closely. Meanwhile we have an annual soccer cup within the group of companies, called the Kloska Soccer Cup. This is not the only event. For example, the company SVR Schiffsversorgung Rostock has formed a dragon boat team. The dragon boat was bought by Uwe Kloska a few years ago and was given to the employees for training and competing purposes. Another dragon boat was bought for the employees in Bremen. The teams train on a weekly basis and even take part in local competitions. This also enhances solidarity.


We are a member of the initiative "Stadtbremische Häfen". The Kloska Group campaigns for the future of the location of the harbor district in Bremen on the right side of the river Weser. We are one of 50 companies which operate from this location regionally and globally. Resulting from this project is a closer cooperation between the companies and a bundling of forces to obtain further mutual benefits for instance lowering the transport costs.

In 2009 we moved into an office on the "Maritime Campus Elsfleth". This research center was established as a combined project of locally based companies and political institutions. Innovative products and services, among others in the field of the maritime logistics, wind energy and the maritime waste and environmental technology are developed in this center.

In consideration of the Supply-Chain-Managements and the choice of suppliers it is self-understood that our suppliers keep to all ethic principles. Whether keeping to the human rights, labor standards or environmental protection - these principles have to be followed through the entire supply chain. In our today's globalised economy there is a huge variety of suppliers. With regard to this big range it is rarely the case that one has to deal with so called "black sheep". However, there are suppliers, who focus only on their own profit without paying attention to civil rights and labor standards. It is our most important principle to categorically reject such suppliers.