Basté & Lange GmbH

General ship supplier for cruise lines, ferries and cargo shipping

The Basté & Lange GmbH was founded in 1938 and joined the Kloska Group in 2004. As a general ship supplier for the cruise liners, ferries and cargo shipping the company offers a wide maritime service portfolio, ranging from provisions, technical and stores deliveries to the owner's goods logistics.

For a number of years Basté & Lange has served e.g. the AIDA fleet with a specially customized logistic service. With the help of our catering service we guarantee the crews on board a professional catering at fixed rates at any time. Today we provide more than 900 cargo ships and ferries.

With more than 13,500m² of warehouse space in close proximity to the Port of Hamburg and with 677m² at the Wholesale Market of Hamburg we guarantee our customers a high quality and willingness to supply.

The special quality requirements and the technical expertise, which is essential for the supply of ships, have turned Basté & Lange to an important and reliable partner in the shipping industry.

Performance portfolio:

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