Kloska Group Germany


In 1981 the company Uwe Kloska GmbH was founded as a technical supplier in Bremen, which is still the head office of the company group today. Over the years further companies were added, which complete the service profile for the customer.

At the beginning of the nineties the Kloska Group started to expand intensely. The strategic goal to be present at all major marine sites in Northern Germany has been consistently pursued. In the last years more offices and agencies in Belgium, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Singapore, China and Hong Kong joined the group according to the market development.

The companies' business fields range from technical supply for shipping and shipyards, on/offshore, industry, handicraft and construction industry to engine spare parts service, connected with own repair shops, conveyor technology and hydraulics to catering, provision, technical and stores deliveries for ferries, cargo vessels, cruise ships, research vessels and research stations.