Sail making, rigging & boat equipment

Our sail maker master is familiar with the matter and knows what is important in sailing and professional shipping. Whether in producing of sails or rigging- we want to ensure a maximum of security and quality.

Boat covers, spray hoods, sails for yachts or sun protection devices - in our sail making and rigging factory everything is still handmade.


Customized protection tarpaulins, also for separators in warehouses, are a reasonable, flexible and easy-care solution from our production. Consultation, measurement and installation are carried out on site, if requested. 

Boat covers

Spray hoods

Sun protection devices

Lashings and moorings

Wire ropes

Yacht and boat accessories

Special editions

Trailer covers

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Sail making, rigging & boat equipment:

Thomas Lücht
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Mobile   +49 (0) 173 - 2146225
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