Manufacturing of all types of nets

We produce trawls for the deep sea fishing and industrial nets, but also fall protection nets for persons and workplaces (according to EN 1263-1). Trawls and safety nets in all sizes are produced in our modern factory with four net hoists according to strict ISO 9001-standards.


Our nets are made of different raw materials:


· PPM Polypropylene Multifilament, high-strength

-  Floatable
- Water-repellent
- High strength
- Wet strength = dry strength
- Constant stretching behavior
- High abrasion resistance

· PE Polyethylen

- Floatable
- Water-repellent
- Constant stretching behavior
- High abrasion and bending resistance
- Weak light resistance
- Good acids and bases resistance
- Rotting resistance

· PA Polyamide

- High strength
- Good elasticity
- Extremely high abrasion resistance
- Good dyeability
- Weak light resistance
- Good acids and bases resistance


We are pleased to give you advice which material is the right one for your field of application.

All personal and side protection nets, but also a lot of sport nets are made of knotless material.

The safety nets are controlled by us annually.


Wide variety of nets: 

Sports Netting

Soccer Netting
Basketball Netting
Tennis Court Netting
Badminton Netting,...

-->Especially for sports decks on board cruise liners

Fall protection nets

Fall protection nets with added thimbles
Fall protection nets without thimbles

Side protection

Side protection nets without integrated fixing devices
Side protection nets with sewed belt fastener

Safety nets

Nets for load securing
ird protection nets
Gangway nets
Pond covering

All-purpose nets

Nets for personal security
Protection nets for balls in the field of sports
Harvest aids in the fruit growing
Swimming pool covers
Biogas nets
Feed nets in livestock industry

Container covers

Contact person
Manufacturing of all types of nets:

Herman-Eric Poelman
Office  +49 (0) 381 - 811-2759
Mobil   +49 (0) 173 - 2446269
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