Lifting, lashing equipment & crane ropes

In the Kloska Group’s manufacturing facilities high-quality lifting accessories are produced at short notice according to individual instructions. Due to the applications of these products we have a special responsibility for the materials and their processing. In order to meet the requirements we provide a wide range of products, for example steel wire ropes, textile lifting accessories and high-strength ropes.

We offer regular, recorded and certified inspections of lifting accessories and cargo safety units with help of our certified employees in our manufacturing facilities or with our mobile test vehicle on the spot.

Wire ropes and accessories

Eye terminals
Closed socket
Wire ropes
Wire rope blocks
Wire rope greases
Wire rope slings
Wire rope clips
Wire rope reducing slings
Wire rope cutters
Cotter pins
Fire hooks
Open sockets
Thread terminals
Endless sling
Wedge socket
Snatch block
Linch pin
Raised head terminal
PU-protective hose
Ring nut
Eye bolt
Wedge type socket
Countersunk head terminal
Clamping scew
Sheet pile shackle


Chains and accessories

Lifting eye
Master link
Master link assembly
Construction steel-trellis hook
Lower terminal link
Spare parts mountings
Spare parts set
Can hooks
Clevis hook
Clevis connector
Foundry hook
Chain suspension
Chain and safety link
Chain quick release fastener
Chain link
Knotted link chains
Ball bearing swivel
Plastic chain
Load hook
Eye load hook
PU-protective hose
Sling coupler
Slip hook set
Safety traps
Safety hook
Safety flap
Safety load hook
Safety latch
Special master link
Special master link assembly
Textile coupling
Shortening hook
Shortening claw
Swivel hook
Swivel load hook

Textile slings

Belt strap suspension
Joker hooks
PES-hoisting slings
PES-heavy duty-hoisting slings
PU-edge protectors
PU-hose stoppers
PU-protective hoses
PVC-protective hoses
Round sling suspension
Round slings
Heavy duty round slings
Steel edge protectors
UKTAprotect edge protector UPDRAFT LS

Load securing

Abrasion protection
Airline rails
Airline piece
Anti-slip mat
Container nets
End cap for airline rails
Edge protector
Edge protector corners
Edge protector hose
Clamping bar
Safety belt for trunks
Head lashing-nets
Loading bar
Parallel hooks
Cirular rejection beam
Heavy duty tie-down
Safety trap set
Safety set
Special lashing hook
Spindle tensioner
Rod lashing rails
Safety pin
Vario end cap
Shortening hook
Square bar clamp
Warning flag
Lashing chain system
Partition closure

Attachment points

Attachment points
Weld-on hook
Double-swivel hook
Double swivel attachment point
Double vortex ring
Flag point
Ring nut
Safety flap
Swivel shackle
Centralized safety ring

Contact persons
Lifting and lashing equipment & crane ropes:  

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