Karl-Heinz Görmer GmbH Technische Vulkanisationen

Vulcanization and rubber technology

As a partner of renowned manufacturers the Görmer GmbH offers a comprehensive delivery program of high quality products from the rubber, plastics and conveyor technology at attractive prices. Due to 30 years of experience the company is a competent partner, especially with regard to individual solutions. In the drive technology the Görmer GmbH also offers an attractive and extensive range of services. Thus, economically and optimally technical solutions for a variety of different tasks in the field of conveyor technology are offered to the customers in the industry.

The company always relies on well-trained staff in all fields of performance and attaches great importance to the training in-house. In own factories everything is planned and produced at short-term notice and according to individual guidelines. The comprehensive stock range provides an excellent availability of all materials. A 24-hour installation and repair service ensure a smooth process and avoid expensive downtimes.

The company puts great emphasis on customer satisfaction and is willing to even make the impossible possible.


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Karl-Heinz Görmer GmbH
Technische Vulkanisationen

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